About Us

Go Fly Biz is your trusted personal travel concierge. We specialize in saving you time and money in premium air travel. You get the very best but least costly first and business class airfare. We offer superior service to meet all your travel needs.

Go Fly Biz uses a specially developed flight consolidator database to find reduced-fare flights for first and business travel. The savings are up to 70% off published airfares and are directly passed onto our clients! You will enjoy all the benefits of first and business class travel at affordable fares.

Imagine having your very own personal travel concierge, always there, always ready, taking you places around the world wherever you want to go. Go Fly Biz is your go to travel specialist.

Designed from the ground up with the requirements of our customers in mind, Go Fly Biz is your concierge service at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Your priorities are our specializations. We take you places you want to go, provide you with the service you expect to receive, and offer you the best rates. In short, you, Go Fly biz offers you superior service to meet all your travel needs.

One of the key things to keep in mind when designing any system for multiple customers is diversity. In the airline industry, no two customers have the exact same travel requirements. Some prefer to fly exclusively on first class and others are more inclined to get the best rates available. A diverse system is key here; one that every customer can utilize to their advantage. This is what Go Fly Biz offers our customers.

Savings up to 70%
OFF Published

24 hours a day
7 days a week, 365 days

First Class and
Business Class Tickets

Corporate Travel
Deals to EB-5 Travel

From First class tickets and corporate travel deals to EB-5 travel arrangements and last minute airfare deals, Fly First is committed to providing you with speedy, reliable, trusted service to accommodate your travel needs.

Business Class tickets are our specialty and we keep our site regularly updates with the latest, hottest discount airfare and corporate packages. We understand that some travelers would require special arrangements beforehand in order to fly promptly and hence Go Fly Biz, we consider it to be a part of our job to facilitate such arrangements and provide our customers with a smooth, seamless, stress-free travel.

At the core of our business architecture lies our one-of-a-kind, highly reliable and accurate flight consolidator database. Using this system, our customers can find the latest information on flights going to their destination cities around the world. You name it, the system will provide it for you.

  • Are you looking for reduced-fare flights for first class and business class?
  • Are you taking a company group to a remote resort and would like to know what kind of corporate deals are available?
  • Need a last minute available flight on an urgent basis?

Go Fly Biz, can assist you with all of these inquires and much more. And the savings are simply phenomenal in some cases up to 70% off. The savings are up to 70% off published airfares that are directly passed onto our clients. That's like flying first class at economy price. Who wouldn't want that?

We are confident that you will find diversity in what we offer, quality in our service, reliability in our system, all elegantly bundled to suit even the most seasoned of travelers. Go Fly Biz is your very own trusted person online travel concierge.

At Go Fly Biz, We Connect you to the World.