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What is the difference between domestic and international flights?

When we hear “traveling”- our mind start revolving around excitement, adventures, and a bit of nervousness!
Am I right? Well, irrespective of if you are going abroad or roaming within your country, nervousness comes in-hand with traveling. For confronting your anxiety and nervousness, it’s good for you to learn the basic terms and processes before even boarding the flight. Two such frequently-used and confusing terminologies are domestic flights and international flights.
So, what’s the difference between a domestic flight and an international flight? Let’s find out.

Basic Difference
All the flights can be classified under two broad categories – domestic flights and international flights. Whenever you fly within your country, you book domestic flights. On the other hand, for traveling abroad to international destinations, you choose from a range of international flights. Apart from the basic difference in meanings of the two flight categories, domestic and international flights have more points of distinction.

Requirement of Documents
You must possess a passport while traveling internationally. However, while traveling across domestic destinations, you can omit to carry a passport. However, valid identity proofs are mandatory for international and domestic flights booking. Not only while booking the flights and before boarding the flight, but also on reaching the international destinations, you will be required to showcase your passport for verification and security purposes.

Being a long journey flight, international airplanes tend to cater more to passengers than domestic flights. However, the quality of service remains the same and depends upon the chosen airline. The domestic flights serve their passengers with snacks, brunches, and light meals, generally. Whereas the international menus are tailored according to the large distance traveled by the flight. International airplanes serve meals for passengers. Some of the best international airlines even serve multi-cuisine dishes on the flights.

Coming to the most crucial aspect of flight booking – the fares. On average, international flights are placed at a higher price than domestic flights. Also, discounts on the published fares of international flights are rare to find. However, if you strategically plan your trip or get in touch with a traveling company, the chances of grabbing international flight deals increase considerably.

Domestic Airport Vs. International Airport
International airports witness the operations of international flights. However, international flights do not operate from all domestic airports. In some domestic airports that allow international flights, the services are not regular and do not cover all the international destinations mostly.

From now on, whenever you book a flight, you will be able to identify the type of flights as either domestic or international flights. Moreover, by knowing all the expected flight features and getting in touch with a traveling company, you will be able to crack crazy deals on the flight fares.


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