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What is the difference between economy and premium economy class flights seats?

Premium economy is an elite version of the economy class. Necessarily, the premium economy encompasses more comfort than the economy class, at a far lesser price than the first or business class seats. If you are a comfort-seeking traveler but not ready for huge business class ticket expenditures, then the premium economy is for you.
So, what extra features does premium economy classes have? Or, more precisely, what is the difference between economy and premium economy class flights? Let’s find out.
1. Wider Seats and More Leg Room
Comfort is the major distinction between premium economy class and economy class seats. In premium economy class, there is a lesser number of seats per row than the economy class cabins. So, you will encounter wider and non-congested seats in the premium economy cabin. Adding to the passengers’ comfort, the premium economy class airlines also offer more legroom to their passengers.
2. Cabin Size
Another commonly noticeable feature in the premium economy flights is the smaller cabin size than the economy ones. Premium economy cabins constitute a lesser number of rows and seats than the congested cabins of the economy class. So, the premium economy cabin size is far smaller than the economy cabins.
3. Amenities
In an ordinary economy class flight, the airlines provide their passengers with a headphone, a pillow, and a blanket. These amenities are provided to the premium economy class passengers as well. However, the amenities provided in premium economy class flights are of much better quality, and larger as well. Also, along with the basic amenities, some airlines provide a small amenity kit to the passengers of the premium economy class.
4. Flight Service
The premium economy flight service is better than the economy class. The crew members serve the premium economy passengers before the economy travelers. Though the service is not as good as the business or first-class flights, the premium economy passengers can expect a much longer and dedicated service from the crew members.
5. Aircraft Entertainment
The screens behind the seats are usually bigger than the economy class screens. But in both the classes, the watchable content will largely remain the same. Since the premium flight seats can be reclined further than the economy seats, the entertainment experience becomes more enhanced than in the economy cabins.
6. More Privacy
Unlike most of the economy class flights, you will find pleasingly more privacy in the premium economy flights. So, if you love undisturbed traveling, and prefer staying on your own in the journey, then premium economy flights are delights for you.All in all, the premium economy class provides a much better experience to its passengers than the economy class. Moreover, for the comfort, privacy, and budget seeking flyers, the premium economy is a much better option than the economy class flights.


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